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Dear  Jewish  survivor  project

We all know that asking for help is hard!  Making the decision to leave your comfort zone and suspend your life to go to treatment at an inpatient or residential facility or rehab is even harder (and super scary)!  It feels lonely, too!

Because we know this, we've launched our Dear Jewish Survivor Program!

Here's How It Works:

1. A brave survivor fills out this form to let us know that they'd like some supportive letters and cards while they're in treatment.  The form collects all the information we need to make sure they get the messages that will be helpful to them.  However, all contact information, including the treatment facility, is kept confidential to our letter-writers.  

2.  We put a call out to our letter-writers to do their thing!  They can write a card, draw a pic, write a letter - whatever fits inside the envelope and gives a little support!  Want to join our troupe of letter-writing super stars?  Click here!  Our process makes sure that all of your contact information - including return address - is kept completely confidential, too!

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