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About jsf

The Jewish Survivors Forum is a community of survivors of sexual abuse from all walks of Judaism, who come together on the platform to share, vent, learn, and support each other.  Our community is diverse - our members represent all levels of yiddishkeit (or not), every gender and orientation, and an array of experiences and stories, all brought together by a desire to help each other and build an understanding, strong support system.

What can you expect from the Forum?

First and foremost, you can expect a truly diverse, safe, and anonymous space for Jewish survivors to share, learn, vent, build a support system, and heal.  To facilitate that, we've implemented the following:

  • A Safe Space to Express Yourself and Gett/Give Support - You can post about anything that pertains  to your life as a survivor.  With categories like Telling Your Story, Healing, Relationships, Abuse & Halacha, Yiddishkeit, Activism, etc., you'll find lots of ways to reach out, connect and even learn a thing or two. NOTE: At this time, we are NOT accepting applications to the Forum, ONLY the support chat - see description below.

  • A Peer to Peer Support Chat on Telegram

    • Right before Pesach in 2020, we decided to launch a Telegram group chat to provide on-demand (usually!) peer support.  It's almost like a little family (but, like, the good kind, with boundaries)!​

  • A Board  - We've filed for a 501 (c) 3 designation, and have gathered together a diverse and talented group of survivors that represent all flavors of Judaism, ethnicities and orientations, who stand ready to make sure you feel welcome, included, supported and heard. 

  • Strong and Clear Rules & Boundaries - Your safety on the Forum is our number one concern.  We've implemented extensive standards to make sure the Forum is a safe place to be for all of our members.

  • Programming - In addition to being a place to go to express yourself and get support from other survivors of sexual abuse, we regularly hold online educational programming around the topics of mental health and healing, occasional in-person get-togethers and an annual survivor retreat.

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Is  the  forum  for  you?

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